Securetrack GPS Device for Improved Fleet Management  


We offer GPS tracking devices that are commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as:

·       Fleet tracking

·       Routing

·       Dispatching

·       On-board information and security. 

Our GPS tracking solution offers mobility whereby you will be able to monitor the location and status of your vehicles at any time, from any location.

A portable device with browsing capabilities offers instant access to:

·       GPS Location

·       Vehicle speed

·       Fuel management

·       Trip reports

We offer Secure Track self-monitoring with engine cut off immobilizer to track all your business vehicles, with real-time and accurate reporting for your fleet data management. 


 A free demo is offered before installation takes place.

Our product comes with a 1-year warranty and on-site maintenance.


  Why use SECURETRACK Tracking device and System?


·       Keep a watchful eye over your whole assets / fleet management platform in real time and accurate location

·       Keep detailed reports of your driver s routes and times

·       Have logged and printable data about trips and stops

·       View risk management reports (unauthorized after hour vehicle use)

·       Speed Reports by vehicle

·       Track and remotely stop your vehicle engine to recover and prevent it from hi-jacking/vehicle theft

·       Help your business grow by maximizing your driver’s time

·       Detect side jobs. Set Geofence restriction area or location


How does SECURETRACK Tracking Increase Accountability In Your Fleet?


·       Improves Safety & Driver Responsibility 

·       Decreases Excessive Speeds

·       More Accurate Billing

·       Prevents Fraudulent Claims


How does SECURETRACK tracking increase the profitability of your    company?


·       Reduces Fuel and Maintenance Costs

·       Reduces Delay and Time Spent at unauthorized locations.

·       Reduces Operating Costs

·       Reduces Overtime

·       Increases Efficiency


How does SECURETRACK tracking increase your company’s productivity?


·       Monitors Routes and Stops

·       Detects Side Jobs

·       Improves Response Time and Customer Service

·       Monitors Driver Activities

·       Manage your drivers time

·       Make sure they are making the stops they are supposed to

·       Keep them from over speeding

·       Ignition(acc) on and off detection

·       Playback routes 

Our devices are small/compact and is fitted in a secure location making it very difficult for the hijacker or thief to find it.

Our device has a back up battery installed in case of vehicles batteries being removed during /after hijacking which allows your tracker to still be fully functional.

The built-in back up battery supplies power for up to 5 hours should your car’s battery be removed during a hi-jacking or theft incident. 



With our provided Server Platform, actual status of the vehicle can be viewed using your PC, Tablet and Mobile Phones (platform account will be provided upon purchasing the device).


R1799 once off (NO MONTHLY FEES)

Thereafter R550 an annual fee is charged (The first year is FREE from date of purchase)


The mobile app works on any smart phone/iPhone and can be downloaded from google play store or the istore.

App: Protrack GPS